Our vision of a legislative body of local, state and federal government that better represents the Asian American Community.  Today, Asian Americans account for over 7% of the population but less than 1% of elected officials are Asian American.


To equip qualified Asian American Candidates with resources needed to reach political office. To educate Asian communities about the political process and why it is important for representation in the political arena.

To Build relationships with members of legislative bodies that will advance the interests and needs of the Asian American Community for which they serve.

About Us

In an effort to promote qualified Asian American Candidates reach political office, a group of local bi-partisan Asian Americans in Georgia have established political action committee.

Executive Board of Advancing Asian Americans


Selflessness is one word that can describe Amy Chomthakham, who for the past twenty-five plus years given up much of her life and time to community service. As a resident of the Atlanta, GA area, Amy has long served the community in which she lives, whether as part of the Laotian American Society, Who’s Who in Asian American Communities, Asian Pacific American Council of Georgia, and the Laotian American National Voice. As an Entrepreneur and CEO of Amy ABC Consulting, Amy gained important skills that helped her further her career in Corporate America holding various positions of management at Bank of America for over 20 years before joining Pruitt Health.

With Amy’s undeniable knowledge and attributes and as a founding director of Advancing Asian Americans, she hopes to help raise more awareness of the political process to the Asian American Community across the US.


You will find no greater example of passion & humility than in Real Estate Broker and Community Activist Dao Malaythong. She has diligently worked in helping families in Georgia find a place that they can call “home.” As a former President of the Asian Real Estate Association, Dao established her own real estate brokerage firm with over twenty-three agents, coaching and guiding them in the value of helping make “dreams come true” for countless families. For over 20 years, Dao has continually dedicated countless hours to community service, earning the praise of The Georgia Asian Times and named one of the top 25 Most Influential Asian Americans in Georgia four times.

As a founding Director of Advancing Asian Americans, Dao has a proven record of building relationships with members of various legislative bodies across America to bring social change for the betterment of all Asian Americans.


Business owner Jimmy Keokongsy is the founder of Papillon Printing, LLC and Papillon Real Estate Holdings. A true humanitarian, his compassion for the children of Laos led him to serve as the current Vice President of the Jai Lao Foundation. Jimmy’s love & passion for Asian culture can be seen through his past volunteer work as the Cultural Director of the Laotian American Society and his continued support to numerous Asian organizations and temples across the nation. With a background in public media, his mission is to bring Asian representation to mainstream America.

As a leading co-founder of Advancing Asian Americans, Jimmy hopes to cultivate unity within Asian American communities about the importance of having a voice in our society and to no longer live in fear. His vision is for a future where Asian Americans have the tools and resources to run for political office.